Alone in the Dark
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Alone in the Dark

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Alone in the Dark

Here you can play dos game Alone in the Dark online.

The original Alone in the Dark was released in 1992 on a computer and every game of the Survival Horror genre exists thanks to it. Everything you love in the original Resident Evil came from Alone in the Dark. You can play for Emily Hartwood or for Edward Carnby. And yes, if you believe the history of the series, this Carnby is the same as the next new parts of the game.

The plot of the game is quite traditional for Gothic novels. A rich man in a beautiful mansion hanged himself, and you are sent to find out why. One of my favorite scenes happens at the beginning of the game. It shows that there is graphics in this game. And it all starts with a frog... A super-detailed frame with a frog is shown for a second while it jumps across the road. Was this scene important for the game, or for the entire series? Not! No, it was not. But she is.

By the way, about the schedule. Games looks very good! How amazing the mansion looks, and the view from the window too)

So, you find yourself in a huge mansion inhabited by ghosts. However, I must immediately warn you how many brave you would not be, you will not be able to go through ten steps to an enchanted house if you do not first take the trouble to familiarize yourself with the special file in the program, which contains all the hints, clues and some riddles.

By selecting items scattered here and there you can significantly replenish your arsenal, which is very useful for you. Malicious ghosts, for example, harpies for the most part die from some trivial reasons. One is enough to look at yourself in the mirror to die.

Monsters as a whole are not capable of frightening, as in childhood, but should be given to the first monster. After all, from the beginning, he shows that no one will stand on ceremony with you in the game. You just started to play, you get used to the management, maybe you look around a bit... And now, after about a minute, some kind of toothy creature jumps out the window! You are in danger, simply brilliantly, because it immediately sets the right tone for the whole game. And so, when you cope with .. whatever this creature is, immediately after that a zombie walks out of the door to the floor. Yes, you removed one, well done! Now take it away! It is fair to say that this is unfair from the point of view of game design. But, if you somotrytes well, you will understand that you are not defenseless. In fact, you learn game mechanics because of this .. Surrounding objects can be moved, as well as read books. There are many tips written.

In general, I didn’t particularly die in a battle with monsters, but what often killed me was the sudden traps. Alone in the dark is one of the games in which you need to be saved very often, because they are killed from nowhere. Try to get out of the mansion - you're dead. Try to read all the books - the book will fall, after which you will die immediately. Try to touch the ghost - and there will be one who will kill you on the spot. I want to note that the most terrible deaths. When you die, the zombie drags you into the basement of the mansion and lays your body on the sacrificial altar for the final boss. And if you were not intimidated enough, one picture will be shown to you! For 92 it will be definitely scary ..)

Despite the fact that this game is obviously outdated, it is still very fun.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Alone in the Dark! That's incredible game, i will play it later...