MMO Games play online

On the Internet, you can often see a colorful picture with a game of the MMO genre. Nowadays, a lot of Internet users spend their time playing online games. So what is this MMO game?

MMOG: Massively Multiplayer Online Game is one of the varieties of online games in which there are a huge number of players at the same time, it is a gaming social network that connects people across the globe in one common thing. This is a virtual world in which residents are players interacting with each other via the Internet.

As you can see, the keywords in these definitions are online and multiplayer. That is, the main distinguishing features of the MMO game from the usual is that it takes place on the Internet - this is, in a way, the habitat of all MMO gamers. And also what collects a certain number of users, united by common interests, goals and priorities.

World of Warcraft, Line Age 2, Aion, and World of Tanks are highlighted in this online entertainment market. These games are the most popular and boast a million-strong army of loyal players. But they are not the only representatives of this genre, every day the base of games is replenished with new names, among which new favorites appear.

In MMOG games, the most popular genres are:

MMORPG is a massively multiplayer role-playing game, if the name instead of RPG is FPS, then it will already be a 3D shooter, if RTS is a real-time strategy.

It also happens MMORG - a multiplayer racing game(Next RP). There are many more war simulators, flight simulators and others.

Also, all MMO games differ in the presence or absence of a client program. Games that need to be previously downloaded are called client games. To play them, you need to download the client and the game will be played in this program. A game that does not require downloading is called a browser game; it runs directly in the user's browser.

You can also divide the games into paid and free. In any case, MMO Game is a whole universe in which you can become whoever you want and realize all your desires, as well as just have a good time communicating with your friends, whom you will meet there.