Windows Games play online

Windows games online... So the time has come when Windows games can be run in the browser. Once this was only a dream. But now such recognizable games as Half Life, Quake, Counter-Strike have already been transferred by compiling LLVM bytecode into JavaScript code.

Emscripten is one of the most popular compilers today that can do this kind of work.. With it, you can theoretically recompile any C or C ++ code into javascript or WebAssembly (WASM), which also allows you to run the code in a browser. By the way, through it was compiled with the help of which you can play Dos games on this site.

Let's delve into history. The emergence of windows 95. Unlike previous versions, the new Windows 95, being already a full-fledged operating system built on the basis of MS DOS and Windows 3.0, demanded a departure from the good old command line. It was with Windows 95 that the familiar graphical interface with such functions as the Start button, the taskbar and a work desk with icons was formed. And it was from the Windows 95 system that games appeared that were definitely not done under Dos, and they could not be run there.. These are the games that will be located in this section on site.

As new compiled Windows games become available, they will appear on the site whenever possible. After all, their appearance is only a matter of time. Follow events to be the first, as well as tell your friends. Perhaps they will also be interested in the fact that Windows games can already be launched in the browser.