Windows 3.x Games play online

Here you can play Windows 3.x games online right in your browser!

Windows 3.x is a system that was before windows 95. There is no system for the present, but you can tell a little about it. The first thing that distinguishes it from today's systems is that it works and is installed only from under MS-DOS. The second thing that distinguishes it is that it does not start itself. It was necessary to go to the computer system unit, press the power button, and then manually give the command to start Windows.

Initially, the system had 3 games that can be played: aper, solitaire, and of course hearts. And others were installed separately. One of the advantages of playing on the site - you do not need to install additional games, because it is already installed, you just have to open the correct page with the game.

So who are interested in games under Windows 3.x, you can safely play, and also offer us games that you did not find on the site, but once they were very popular with you.