VR Games play online

Technology does not stand still. A hundred years ago, people were running away from cinemas when a train from a Lumiere Brothers movie rode on them. And now they are trying to "hit" this train with the help of virtual reality glasses.

VR stands for virtual reality. This is a world created by technical means, which a person experiences through different channels of feelings. VR completely immerses a person in virtual reality. That is: you put on glasses, and instead of your room you find yourself in the ocean and swim there with the Little Mermaid.

Right on our website you can now try to play VR games in your browser !!! I wonder what happens?

In order to fully immerse yourself in virtual reality, you can use the following devices: glasses, helmets, special suits, gloves and even entire rooms.

The most budgetary option is glasses, into which a smartphone is inserted. Their cost starts from several hundred rubles, but in them you can only look around. Glasses with their own screen and VR helmets are another matter. Connect them to a set-top box or computer and you can not only look around by turning your head, but also walk around the virtual world - the sensor reads your movement and "moves" the picture depending on your position.