Archimedean Dynasty
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Archimedean Dynasty

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Archimedean Dynasty

The future, which the creators of Archimedean Dynasty predict, is hard to call bright. After the global nuclear war, which melted ice caps at both poles, the surface of the planet ceased to be habitable, and humanity was forced to descend into the depths of the ocean, from which it came out millions of years ago. But, as the advertising slogan of the game says, humanity ends where the depth begins. And even under a forty-meter layer of radioactive ash that covered the surface of the once blue ocean, people continue to be people - greedy, selfish, cruel. Welcome to the world of Aqua, where everyone breathes artificial oxygen, eats artificial food, and where people do not know the sunlight. This is clearly not the place where you would like to spend your vacation.

Partly a simulator, partly an adventure game, Archimedean Dynasty sucks in its magical world from the first minutes of the game. Feel yourself a mercenary who has failed his contract for the transport of valuable goods and is now in disgrace. Forced to undertake any work, Deadeye Flint did not lose its two most important qualities - a sense of pride and submarine control skills. Unfortunately, at first it will be necessary to be content with just this and even a miserable dish, which, ironically, is called a submarine.

The world of the game is vast and diverse. Traveling from city to city, you will communicate with a variety of characters. It depends on how you behave with them what missions you can get. Given that there are more than a hundred NPCs in the game, it is impossible to stay in good relations with everyone, and you will inevitably make enemies for yourself, whom you will sooner or later encounter in the vast ocean depths. Fortunately, you will make friends who are ready to help in difficult times. But in any case, conflicts can not be avoided, so learn to deftly maneuver and shoot accurately.

The control of the submarine is carried out directly from the pilot's cabin. Fortunately, the balance of the physical model is biased towards dynamism rather than realism. We must not forget to purchase more and more new types of armor, torpedoes, sonars, guns and engines. Do not worry and save money for the purchase of a more advanced craft - you will inevitably receive it in the course of the development of the plot.

When under water, you should always keep your eyes open. In addition to a variety of submarines hostile to you, the depth is fraught with many other dangers. Do not forget about the existence of various currents, minefields, as well as areas of increased radioactivity remaining after the war. One of the most interesting tricks is the ability, by turning off the engines and using only the current, invisibly to the enemy’s sonars to get close to him. An incomparable sensation.

Is everything really so wonderful? It seems that this time it really is. The disadvantages of the game can only be called excessive linearity in terms of the choice of watercraft, or rather, the lack of this choice. But this is not the drawback that can deprive Archimedean Dynasty of the title of the best ever created futuristic submarine simulator.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Archimedean Dynasty! That's incredible game, i will play it later...