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Colorado is a difficult, tough, and in some places cruel game, definitely worthy of the closest attention of all lovers of old adventure. If you love the Indians, Cooper’s work and films with Goiko Mitich, as well as really good old games - do not miss.

Many scientists distinguish the indigenous inhabitants of the American continent, called by Columbus the “Indians” because he took them for the inhabitants of India, as a separate race (Americanoid), motivating this approach with too many differences between them and the Mongoloids, to which the former are traditionally referred. Whether this is true or not, it must be admitted that the Indians are a “people” special. The word “people” is not without reason in quotation marks - after all, the Indians are not a people, but a huge number of peoples, many of which, unfortunately, no longer live on Earth in our time.

The Indians of North America, later than their "cousins" from South America, were colonized by pale-faced aliens from beyond the boundless sea: the colonization of the east coast of the present USA really began only at the beginning of the 17th century, and ended in 1890 after defeating the last the leader of the Dakotas.

For a number of reasons, which I would not really like to discuss (because it is pointless), there are very few computer games about Indians — one might even say that they are almost nonexistent. If the Indian appears where, then perhaps as an episodic and negative character in some Western quest (which are also not very many). But today you have a chance to get acquainted with almost the only such game - Colorado. Do not believe the Western genre classifications - this is not an arcade. This is an adventure, albeit with arcade elements. By the way, elements take place and quite different ones - a survival simulator. One thing is bad - they won’t let them play for the Indian. But then the Indians themselves will be mass ...

The game takes place around the middle of the 18th century: there are more and more white immigrants every year, but the territories occupied by them are insignificant. The Indians are still strong in numbers, but weak in the fragmentation and wars of various peoples and tribal alliances among themselves. But the legend of the Cheyenne leader’s gold excites the minds of all ...

In this game you have to play the role of a young tracker, reaching his cherished goal through many dangers that arise when traveling across the endless prairies and dense forests of North America. And what only he will not have to do, what only he will not have to survive ...

The fact that this is not an arcade, you understand about twenty minutes after the game. Yes, side view. Yes, let's go ahead and, if necessary, fight. But - and nothing more. Firstly, we do not have such a small (but still limited) inventory, the most important component of which is our weapon, which includes not only a knife and an ax, but also a terrifying "black lightning" of white ones - a rifle. Secondly, the gameplay itself.

Indeed, in addition to very, very strong opponents, which include hostile Indians and wild animals, we will have to “fight” with a huge number of “nature traps” - for example, to make such a banal (at first glance) thing, how to cross a stormy river onto a canoe, which is much easier said than done. Of course, this is not Robinson’s Requiem, and there is no need to wait for such an abundance of parameters and actions as there, but still the game will certainly please fans of detailed survival in an unfriendly environment.

But the most important aspect of the atmosphere, in my opinion, is graphics. If someone in childhood read the six-volume book of Fenimore Cooper, then he will be pleasantly surprised: the soft VGA-graphics of the game are like painted pictures from a book so beloved. It is the graphics that give the game some kind of “spirit” of an era when, although people moved, as now, greed and thirst for profit, but people themselves were stronger and more courageous.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Colorado! That's incredible game, i will play it later...