Dustforce DX

Dustforce DX

Sweep into the Action-Packed World of "Dustforce DX" – A Platforming Challenge Like No Other 🍃🎮

"Dustforce DX", an expanded version of the original "Dustforce" game, is a unique platformer that combines precision, agility, and a somewhat unusual theme of cleaning! This indie title, known for its challenging levels and intricate design, offers a refreshing take on the platforming genre. Let’s explore the world of "Dustforce DX," its intriguing plot, intuitive controls, and why it's a must-play for platforming enthusiasts.

The Engaging Plot of "Dustforce DX" 🌌

In "Dustforce DX", players are introduced to a world where dust and disorder reign supreme:

  • Storyline: You play as one of the skilled members of the Dustforce, a team of acrobatic janitors tasked with cleaning up the world, one sweep at a time.
  • Mission: Traverse through various levels, from peaceful autumnal forests to grimy cityscapes, all in need of your cleaning prowess.

Mastering the Controls in "Dustforce DX" 🕹️

"Dustforce DX" offers a control scheme that is easy to understand but challenging to master:

  • Movement: Use the arrow keys or a gamepad to navigate the acrobatic cleaners through each level.
  • Cleaning Actions: The game utilizes specific buttons for sweeping actions, jumps, and attacks against dirt and grime.
  • Advanced Techniques: Players can master wall-jumps, ceiling runs, and mid-air dashes to reach every nook and cranny of dirt.

Why "Dustforce DX" is a Standout Platformer 🏆

  • Unique Theme: The concept of acrobatic cleaning adds a whimsical and fresh twist to the platforming genre.
  • Challenging Levels: With over 100 levels, each more challenging than the last, "Dustforce DX" offers a true test of platforming skill.
  • Beautiful Art and Soundtrack: The game features striking, hand-drawn visuals and a captivating, serene soundtrack.


"Dustforce DX" is more than just a platformer; it's an artistic and meticulously designed game that challenges players to clean up the world one leap at a time. Whether you’re a platforming veteran or new to the genre, "Dustforce DX" promises an experience that is both challenging and visually rewarding. 🍃🎮

If you've taken on the sweeping adventure of "Dustforce DX," share your experiences and tips. How have you mastered the art of acrobatic cleaning in this unique platforming world? Let's hear about your journey! 🌟🕹️

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