FNF vs Bob v2.0 (Bob’s Onslaught)

FNF vs Bob v2.0 (Bob’s Onslaught)

Ride the rhythmic waves of FNF vs Bob v2.0 (Bob’s Onslaught), the latest mod of the popular Friday Night Funkin' series. Bob makes a menacing comeback, offering a thrilling musical experience that is bound to keep players on their toes. With a whole new Onslaught mode, this mod provides a fresh spin on the FNF saga.

What’s New:

  1. Onslaught Mode: This is the highlight of the mod. Bob, usually quirky and fun, has transformed. Enveloped in darkness, this new angry Bob brings in tracks that are wild and unpredictable, reflecting his new chaotic demeanor.
  2. Two Weeks Selection: Players can choose between two weeks, offering a range of songs and difficulties.
  3. Familiar Gameplay, Elevated Challenge: While the core mechanics remain the same - hitting the right notes at the right time, the challenge has ramped up, thanks to Bob's intensified Onslaught mode.

How to Play: Just like the original FNF, players need to match the arrow symbols above the Boyfriend's head by pressing the corresponding arrow keys. The aim is to keep the progress bar green and in your favor. But remember, with Bob's intensified anger in the Onslaught mode, this task is more challenging than ever. Be wary of missing too many notes in succession; otherwise, it's game over!

Game Modes:

  1. Story Mode: Take on Bob in a sequence, experiencing the narrative unfold.
  2. Free Play Mode: Jump straight into the action and pick any song to face off against Bob without the constraints of a storyline.

Development Team: The original FNF foundation was laid down by ninjamuffin99 (programming), PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r (art), and Kawai Sprite (music). The Bob’s Onslaught mod is a collective creation by:

  • wildythomas: Key roles as coder, animator, and project kickstarter.
  • phloxio: Conceptualized the mod and contributed as an asset maker.
  • donney: Added the dark touch by drawing Pico's grim depiction and assisting with cutscene art.
  • aetherdx: Provided direction to the project and coded aspects of the game.

Conclusion: FNF vs Bob v2.0 (Bob’s Onslaught) stands as a testament to the creativity of the modding community, breathing new life into the FNF series. With its heightened challenge, unique Onslaught mode, and the much-loved character Bob returning in a dark twist, this mod promises an engaging rhythm experience. Whether you're an FNF veteran or a newbie, Bob's Onslaught is sure to provide a rhythmic thrill like no other!

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow FNF vs Bob v2.0 (Bob’s Onslaught)! That's incredible game, i will play it later...