FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2

FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2

Get Ready for a Musical Showdown in "FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2" – A Vibrant Rhythm Game Challenge 🎤🎶🎮

"FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2", the second version of the popular Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) mod featuring the virtual idol Hatsune Miku, elevates the musical battle experience with additional songs and enhanced gameplay. This mod has become a favorite in the FNF community, offering new challenges and captivating music. Let's explore the features, song list, and gameplay mechanics of "FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2".

The Exciting Song Lineup in "FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2" 🎵

This mod introduces a comprehensive set of songs:

  • Full Song List: "Loid", "Endurance", "Voca", "Endless", "PoPiPo", "Aishite", "SIU", "Disappearance", with secret songs "Infinite" (activated by pressing e+v on the title page) and "Chug" (activated by pressing c+h+u+g on the title page).

Gameplay: A Rhythmic Duel with a Virtual Idol 🕹️

The gameplay of "FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2" follows the beloved FNF format:

  • Rhythm and Timing: Match the arrow keys with the corresponding symbols above Boyfriend's head.
  • Musical Battles: Face off against Miku in both story and free play modes, aiming to complete each song by hitting all the notes.
  • Challenge of Precision: Be careful not to miss the notes, as too many mistakes will lead to a game over.

Mod Developers and Additional Credits 🧑‍💻

"FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2" is a collaborative creation:

  • Mod Team: Art, animation, charting, and minor coding by evdial; coding, minor art, and additional contributions by GenoX, Smokey_5, bbpanzu, and paperkitty.
  • Original FNF Credits: Programming by ninjamuffin99, art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r, and music by Kawai Sprite.

How to Play "FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2" 🎮

Engaging with this mod is both challenging and entertaining:

  • Control Scheme: Use the arrow keys to match the rhythm and beats of each song.


"FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2" offers an exhilarating blend of rhythm-based gameplay with the charm of the virtual idol Hatsune Miku. Whether you're a seasoned FNF player or a fan of rhythm games, this mod provides a fun and engaging musical experience. 🎤🎶🎮

If you've tried out "FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2," share your experiences. How did you fare in the musical battles against Miku, and what was your favorite song? Let's discuss and groove to the beat together! 🌟🕺

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