Friday Night Funkin': Brawl Stars mod

Friday Night Funkin': Brawl Stars mod

Guys, a real game bomb is waiting for you today! Welcome to Friday Friday Night Funkin': Brawl Stars mod! The collaboration of two mega popular games "Friday Night Funkin" and "Brawl Stars" is already ready here! This will be a pleasant surprise for fans of both games. Here the coolest brawlers will face and will fight not on the battlefield, but on the music stage. Impressive, isn't it? Are you ready for the biggest musical battle? Then go ahead!

How to play?

In Friday Night Funkin: Brawl Stars, the brave Rico will take the place of Boyfriend. This guy knows firsthand what a battle is, and is ready to give any opponent even in a musical duel! His enemies will be the famous brawlers instead of the usual rivals. Among the villainous singers, many popular fighters will perform: Byron, Nita and Leon, Bo, Edgar, Bull and Bibi, Jackie, Colt and others.

You can fight them in two modes - story and free play. In the story, you need to play in game weeks and unlock songs in turn. But in the free play mode, your hands will be completely untied. You can fight any enemy and choose any song. To win, you need to quickly repeat the combination of notes using the arrows. Masterfully hover your fingers over the keys and smash your enemies to smithereens! Enjoy your game and good luck!

Mod Credit:

  • Dierelc: Artist, mod Creator
  • Supercell : Brawl Stars Creator
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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Friday Night Funkin': Brawl Stars mod! That's incredible game, i will play it later...