Friday Night Funkin': Soviet Cartoons

Friday Night Funkin': Soviet Cartoons

Guys, will we sing in the cheerful company of the heroes of Soviet cartoons? Then welcome to Friday Night Funkin': Soviet Cartoons! As before, you will play as a brave and desperate Boyfriend, who fights for the heart of a lovely lady. But your rivals will be the good old characters of Soviet cartoons - Uncle Ay and the robot hare. This Russian mod will immerse you in the fabulous atmosphere of old cartoons and become a real free time killer!

How to play?

The first opponent will be Uncle Ay. This funny old man loves to scare people who have wandered into his domain. He has a whole arsenal of scarecrows and horror stories that make people in panic run out of the forest wherever they look. This time, his horror stories will not help the uncle, and he will have to fight our hero in a musical battle in order to expel him from his forest. But is Boyfriend so easy to scare! No matter how scary the old man is, the battle will still take place! Dexterously jump on the keys repeating all combinations of notes to sing a cool song and defeat your opponent. The one who singles out the opponent will win. The boy's next opponents will be two - a hare and a hare robot from the legendary Soviet cartoon "Well, Wait!". If it's not so difficult to fight a bunny, then the robot is able to instill fear and intimidate the opponent. But pull yourself together and try to defeat the nightmare robobite to become the coolest musician of "Friday Night Funkin"!

Mod developed by:

  • Kamidashi (Creator, artist, musician)
  • dying note. (Forest Fear, Fairy Tale)
  • c152 (Bubble Gum, Alive)
  • Street Cult Gang (Phonker)
  • BassnPanda (Cyber Killer)
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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Friday Night Funkin': Soviet Cartoons! That's incredible game, i will play it later...