Monster Bash
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Monster Bash

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Monster Bash

Monster Bash is a very attractive and touching arcade game, which, quite possibly, is a kind of “harbinger” of the game Heart of Darkness, but in darker and more serious colors.

Here you can fin 1, 2 and 3 part of Monster Bash. Just select right digit after start.

The plot is as follows. In addition to the “normal” world we are accustomed to, there is another world - the Night World, which is ruled by the evil monster Count Chuck, and various creatures serve him. Count Chuck really wants to conquer the world of people and comes up with a more than original way to do this - to kidnap all domestic animals of people and turn them into zombie soldiers, in order to then set them on humanity. Among the other animals he stole is a dog named Tex, owned by a boy, Johnny Dex. But Johnny does not agree to just part with his beloved friend - he decides to go to the Night World and release him, as well as all the other unfortunate animals.

The game is really very similar to Heart of Darkness, at least at first. But after some time you notice that there is much more tragedy, violence and some strange "pseudo-realism" of what is happening. Of the weapons, Johnny has only a slingshot, and the number of bonus stones for her is not at all as large as we would like (the number of ordinary stones is infinite). You can find new stones, but they will still always be missed. There are other bonuses - lollipops and hearts to replenish health, toy dogs for extra lives, but for some reason all this does not look “toy and frivolous”.

In the game there are quite a few strong and terrible enemies - various devils, skeletons, monsters, zombies, flying hooked hands, spiders and other truly hellish creatures, and it is sometimes very difficult to deal with them. Of course, there are huge bosses. The task at each level is to free all animals languishing in the cells, breaking the locks on the cells with a stone from a slingshot. Only then can you go to the next level.

The graphics in the game are very good - the developers were able to perfectly convey the demonic atmosphere of the monster world. Truly gloomy locations await us: a cemetery, terrible caves with skulls, gloomy swamps, and everywhere terrible dangers, which are often worse than the "animated" enemies (nothing costs to petrify or drown here). True, such a design means that for children the game is most likely not suitable.

The verdict is a very good and complex (but still in moderation) platformer from the category of "easy horror movies" and with a truly noble ultimate goal, which simply cannot but please lovers of worthy examples of the genre.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Monster Bash! That's incredible game, i will play it later...