Nox... What the hell is that? It’s always like this ... you sat quietly at home, didn’t touch anyone, watched TV, when suddenly an unknown force suddenly pulled you out of a comfortable armchair and threw it with the ill-fated TV box directly onto the airship flying through the air! No, this is not a dream, and you are not crazy, the whole point is that the sorceress Hekub from the distant magical world of Nox somewhat overdid it with the power of the spell, but, unfortunately, you were within its radius of action. Everything is simple. By the way, get acquainted: the brave captain of the airship (you'll find out his name a little later) has already come to his senses with amazement - you cannot fall like snow on your head like this and am ready to tell you about the sad fate that befell his native world. Not only did the warriors, mages and sorcerers inhabiting Nox never know how to live in peace among themselves (warriors are convinced that “a good mage is a dead mage”, and mages are ready to incinerate any woe-warrior who has invaded their territory), attacks of powerful necromancers and other evil spirits, the hordes of which are headed by Hekuba. This lady is obsessed with the idea of ​​world domination, very sophisticated in witchcraft and hates mortals. And, apparently, the only way to return home is to find and kill the witch.

Well, where ours did not disappear. But before you go on a journey, you must choose who to become: a warrior, a sorcerer or a magician. When choosing a warrior’s path, be prepared to rely only on your strength and endurance, because this class of characters does not possess absolute magic (although several military skills are available to him - for example, harpoon - the ability to attract an enemy for close combat). Although a warrior alone can cut through a crowd of enemies without suffering significant damage, armor and weapons tend to wear out at a phenomenal rate, so this character is the most unprofitable in terms of economy, and voiced coins in Nox do not roll on the road. The sorcerer is a master of possession of all sorts of staves and archery (although the arrows will have to be saved - their number is not unlimited) and has good magic skills. The character’s uniqueness lies in his ability to lure to his side or summon various creatures and animals (for this you need to collect scrolls with a description of the living creatures found in Nox), who until the last will fight on his side (well, or, if desired, play the role of spies- scouts). In addition, the sorcerer will be gladly accepted both on the land of warriors and in the lands of magicians. Mages are the weakest fighters, but unsurpassed masters of magic. Almost any creature will slam the mage with one left if you let it go too close - although the invisibility spell in the arsenal, for example, will allow opponents to rush past without a single shot.

The game includes 10-11 levels before the final battle with Hekuba for each character, only the first three levels and the final itself differ from each other, all other levels of the game for a warrior, sorcerer and magician are similar to disgrace. The plot is completely linear, the quests are extremely simple, the characteristics of the character increase automatically with each level (strength, speed, magic). Management in battles is also no different in originality - call the enemy to death. In addition, there is no way to run to the nearest city to fix it, for example. So just in case you have to carry a spare set of armor with you, so as not to appear at the next level in your underpants (completely worn things and weapons from the inventory disappear).

In general, a nice toy on the schedule that allows you to have a good time, without claiming for something more.

Summing up everything written, I will say that, despite the shortcomings, the linearity of the game, the utmost simplicity, Nox is one of my favorite games. Why? Check it out for yourself.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Nox! That's incredible game, i will play it later...