Overkill: The Last-Planet Mega Blast

Overkill: The Last-Planet Mega Blast
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Overkill: The Last-Planet Mega Blast

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Overkill: The Last-Planet Mega Blast is a futuristic space fighter with a top view.

Alas, there is a formal plot. The space wanderer returns to his native world and sees him destroyed by sadistic aliens. Now his goal is revenge on them, for this it is necessary to find and destroy their main space base, and this can be done only after passing through a number of stages. That is, we are waiting for the next "adrenaline" action, unfolding in space, where our small boat destroys the armada of enemies.

What is interesting in this game is the use of collected bonuses. There are no types of them here, but there are four characteristics of your ship - missiles, lasers, auxiliary devices (for example, manufactured unmanned combat modules), and global improvements, and by collecting bonuses you can decide for yourself what exactly you will spend it (it’s clear that all improvements cost a different amount of bonuses). You can, for example, develop your boat evenly, or you can very seriously invest in the same lasers.

Among other points, one can note the limited fuel supply of the boat (it needs to be replenished - without this the boat will be destroyed) and, strangely enough, the relatively low speed of its movement (moreover, it is even less diagonally than vertically). Together with a large number of enemies, this makes the game difficult, because it is often difficult to escape from under the fire; enemy objects themselves, however, are rather weak - they usually die after one or several hits. But a direct collision with both them and with some details of the environment takes a lot of life.

Graphically, the game looks very beautiful - you can say one of the samples of the "old" graphics, although the backgrounds can not be called particularly rich in objects. The bad thing is that there are only six levels in the game, and even those are not very large. The verdict is an entertaining game without any serious “requests”, capable of giving a wonderful vacation for a couple of evenings and not claiming anything more.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Overkill: The Last-Planet Mega Blast! That's incredible game, i will play it later...