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Snood is an extremely addictive arcade puzzle of the era of late globular games, which originally appeared on the Macintosh and is still being updated, including under modern systems. But today we will look at one of the earlier versions - under DOS. For an almost amateur project made by one person (Dave Dobson), it is very well done: nice graphics, where the “snoods” are horny and grimacing with their tongues sticking out or winking on the hexagonal field, a lot of settings and game modes - what else is needed for lovers of such entertainment?

But first things first. The game is a mixture of all sorts of classic arcade puzzles, from Space Invaders and Arkanoid to Columns and Paratrooper, while being completely original and interesting. Driving the gun at the bottom of the screen, you need to shoot out of it with colored faces that stick to those already on the field (once again emphasize the hexagonal grid, which gives a special highlight to the gameplay). At contact of three faces of one color they disappear. In addition, as in the Arkanoid, our shells ricochet from the walls of the "glass", but here the frozen faces cannot hang in the air by themselves: they must necessarily hang "bunches" from the top. Therefore, a reasonable tactic would be to aim at the top of the “bunch” and try to “chop off” it along with all the “creeps” below. In addition, we must not forget about time: as in Space Invaders, the screen gradually descends on you, and in the end the game ends - either you destroy all the chips, or at least one of them falls to the level of your gun, and then you lose .

There are several modes in the game: firstly, these are different levels of complexity, differing in screen size and speed - it becomes quite difficult at the middle level. There is also the possibility to adjust the user settings: here you set all the parameters yourself. Secondly, this is the "travel" mode - you need to go through all the difficulty levels in a row. But the most interesting is the task mode, in each of which you need to think carefully. However, the complexity of their not transcendental, so it is quite possible to get pleasure.

For fans of arcade puzzles, Snood will be a real find: despite its simplicity and clarity, the game is not trivial at all and can please both beginners and experts thanks to a wide range of difficulty settings and interesting puzzles.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Snood! That's incredible game, i will play it later...