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Sonic The Hedgehog

It all started with an original idea with the addition of a pinch of creativity, coolness... And so. We got Sonic the Hedgehog, developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. The start screen looks wery cool...

On the plot of the game you will learn only from the Japanese manual... In general there are little animals that live on the island named South Island, which is not marked on any map, because it floats on water. The animals lived in peace until Dr. Eggman arrived, and ruined everyone's mood. He is angry and uses animals as energy for his robots that will help him take over the world. Also an evil genius wants to find ancient gems that have incredible power. They are known as emeralds of chaos. Their energy is enough to make some kind of evil machine.

But a hero appeared. Hedgehog Sonic, who interferes with Eggman, frees the little animals, collects emeralds and defeats the doctor.

Despite the fact that the plot is simple, you can pay attention to some elements. The plot of Sonic has never been a strong point, even in our days he does not pay attention. What is strange because 2016 is already ending, the words game and cinema are synonyms. Sometimes the fans themselves come up with logical explanations of things. Like the 80s have passed, and people still use the imagination when they play. They are trying with a mundane head to understand what is happening here at all. And then the aliens. How did emeralds come about? Why is Eggman angry? Who is Sonic? Some kind of story seemed to be, but it was not used in games.

There is a comic Sanik de Kamik. This is not a canon, but we have what we have. Eggman was good, and Dream Interpretation was a simple chocolate hedgehog and Eggman's assistant. In fact, during an unsuccessful experiment, Sonic turned blue and gained the ability to run fast. And Eggman became evil. That is, Sonic is a mutant. But let me say that there are several more anthropomorphic animals in this universe.

Let's go to the game. The graphics are great, there is attention to detail: when to beat a robot animals come out of it. The developers could not do this, they could just write what they are in the manual, but they did. The animation is very good, though not smooth. It conveys the characters of the characters. Music is not particularly stuck in the head. Don't get me wrong, I like it, just unlike other games, but I forget it.

In the world of Sonic there are rings. Sonic dies from one strike without rings, but the rings protect him. When confronted with the enemy ring jump back from Sonic. You can reassemble some.

The game has monitors with different images, breaking which you get acceleration, shield, more rings, life or invulnerability.

Sonic The Hedgehog is a platformer, but it's cool thanks to physics. Yes, instead of running in flat locations, the player should effectively use the environment for passing. We will not be able to overcome the hill without acceleration, the jump does not slow down and does not accelerate movement. Running down the hill, you can press the button down on the cross, so that Sonic starts spinning - this will be faster. Remember how in Super Mario Bros 3 you can descend backwards from the hills? There is something similar. And so on. We will not list all the advantages of mechanics - there are many of them. Having collected 50 rings and jumping into a large ring at the end of the first and second acts, we will get to the Special Stage, where we control the character and have to get the emerald of chaos. These levels are harder. At the end of the third act, Eggman is waiting for us in his next invention. Inventions perform basic functions, such as take it, throw it - those who have no imagination.

The locations in the game are classic, and such styles will still be used in future games. And nobody likes that. Everybody constantly asserts that yes, of course, now it is difficult to come up with something new, but why put pressure on nostalgia? But there is such a thing as a canon - this is a rule that must be followed. And Sonic is associated with locations.

  • Green hill zone - the first zone, clearly demonstrates that the game can.
  • Marble zone is not so easy. There are cubes that you need to push so that they fall into the lava. They are used as movement on it.
  • Spring Yard Zone - everything is done here specifically to use the spin.
  • Labyrinth zone - a zone under water. Sonic in her can not swim, he moves slowly. This is clearly not an example of a good underwater level. Further in the series everything became better, but due to the fact that the character moves slowly, the architecture of the level is different, with a bias towards the platformer: you collect bubbles, you get air.
  • Star Light Zone - here everything is really fast. You can not strain.
  • Scrap brain Zone - contains a lot of traps and heavy places. C the first time you will not pass.
  • Final Zone - here is the final boss. And you will not have rings.

The main problem of the serie of the games is that people want to run fast. Yes, Sonic is fast, but it is impossible to complete the game just by holding down the cross. However, newcomers want just that. Sometimes there are such moments and they are funny, I do not argue. But to quickly pass the levels, you must first explore them, find the fastest ways, find out where all the necessary power ups lie. And only then can you try to run it.

Compared with later games, the first part is lame. It is good, but not very large. But the biggest plus - you can get it. There are no jambs, you do not need to be nerd, live the game to see the ending.

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    Wow Sonic The Hedgehog! That's incredible game, i will play it later...