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Tapper is the height of the evening, after a working day. “They” come and crowd at the 4 entrances to your bar, there are more and more of them, each in turn goes inside and goes along the 4 bar counters. At first, one at a time, and then it becomes more and more. And here you are, in the understanding that it will only get worse, you continue to heroically serve everyone, not missing a single client.

Even the money that he receives from the most grateful visitors does not add much joy to our hero. By the way, thanks to this money, very spicy representatives of the local variety show, who by dancing a can-can, can distract some males from drinking, can be activated for a few seconds, which means simplifying the task of our unfortunate hero.

Bartenders face dangers and mistakes that simply cannot be made in Tapper. If you break a glass, the boss will give you a kick, which means the game will end. Also, if a lover of a frothy drink dying of thirst, in the impossibility of a long wait for his beer, reaches the bar, he will certainly start dragging you along the bar from anger, which will also end sadly for you.

Serve a glass of beer in time and your aggressive visitors will be safely knocked out in a short time. At Tapper, your main task is to throw all visitors overboard in such a way that there is no one left in the bar!

So, are you ready? Then the mugs, the lone bartender and the influx of visitors are waiting for you - in the rhythm of this crazy Tapper dance.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Tapper! That's incredible game, i will play it later...