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Tyrian game possesses all the qualities of an unconditional masterpiece - and attractive gameplay, and a good story full of small details, and a dozen game modes available at different levels of difficulty. Give this magnificent arcade a chance to show itself, and, believe me, you will not come back soon to real life!

The simple guy Trent Hawkins did not want to save the galaxy. He was not interested even for a miserable moment to reincarnate as a hero and walk through the streets of a beautiful city full of welcoming its inhabitants, joyfully screaming children and languidly sighing girls. But, as they say, you won’t get away from fate, and here an ordinary research pilot has to escape from his own employers, the monopolists from Microsol, on a stolen fighter, while being completely unaware of what they are trying to kill him for. The beginning of the heroic path has been laid, and what happens next depends on you and me directly. Take a closer look at the top-down arcade with the entertaining name Tyrian and try to figure out what's what.

“Fathers!” - you will probably say when you see the gameplay for the first time. Or you’ll just be frozen in silent surprise. Yes, and there is something to be surprised - Tyrian immediately takes the player into circulation, and the screen does not have time to “brighten” completely after loading the mission, as flotillas of attack aircraft, futuristic fighters, some flying saucers and other enemies attack us, not a bit inferior to each other in the originality of forms and strategies of behavior in the air. The introductory mission is capable of placing the game in first place in the personal lists of many players in the number of villains destroyed, and even what follows will surely quench the thirst for destroying even the most irritated person to the outside world. Fly over a planet full of bright colors, leaving a trail of scorched earth, deprive Microsol of hundreds of new killer droids, collect bonuses that fall out of some opponents, and for dessert, grab a boss who is literally trying to “crush” us with his enormous size, - this is how Tyrian's gameplay looks briefly, if you try to grasp its very essence.

But the continuous wave of total annihilation does not end there. You will experience no less (or even more) pleasure in preparation for the next crazy flight. Having accumulated enough money credited to the account for each successfully defeated opponent, Trent can look into the intergalactic store in order to convert the currency on hand into additional firepower. And here, from an affordable choice, our eyes literally run up - you can modify almost everything, from a fighter model and a force field generator to the parameters of the selected guns, each of a dozen types of which can be improved ten (!) Times. And after all, all subsequent changes are reflected not only in the lethal force of the means of destruction, but also in the visual effect, the radius of fire and the affected area. It will take a lot of time to try out all these magnificent devices and choose the most suitable of them for the next task. And do not forget about bonus types of weapons that are rarely found, but do not leave debris from opponents, not even debris, but even a handful of dust!

Meanwhile, Trent from the state of "struggle for survival" goes into the mode of "saving the universe." How? You will again be helped to find out about this special bonuses that occur in large quantities during the mission. Friends, enemies, just sympathizers - everyone is eager to send you some message, notify about their future plans or intimidate. But since you are not waging a struggle with some puny aliens or bandit groups, but with an ominous megacorporation, these messages will reach you only if you find yourself faster than the enemy and manage to intercept them along the way. Of course, they will tell you about the main events of the unfolding military campaign, but if you want to know the background of what is happening, in no case forget to pick up these shiny multi-colored cubes.

As the plot develops, the fights become more insane, and the abundance of black humor in the briefings and messages found will prettyly cheer you up. An old friend sending Trent to save the universe again and again, despite the latter’s complete indifference, numerous references to the famous Jazz Jackrabbit, mention of “this strange planet Earth”, and much more that makes the plot notes more lively and interesting.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Tyrian! That's incredible game, i will play it later...