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‎Raft Survival

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Play now this incredible new action packed survival game - Raft Survival. Raft Survival Simulator is an exciting new action game, use your imagination to build and enlarge your raft as quickly as possible, fish and try to survive. Your ship was wrecked and all that is left is a small wooden raft on which you escaped. It is on this small raft that you will live, and you are at great depths, and many dangers and threats to life await around you.

Build and upgrade your shipwrecked raft by using your hook to catch all the wooden crates that float around you to collect various resources and materials. Try to survive fleeing sharks and explore the vast world around you. Test your wits and use all kinds of raw materials and resources to create tools and weapons for protection, and even armor.

Raft survival simulator is a game that punishes you severely for mistakes in strategy. Hunger, thirst, sea beasts of prey and pesky birds will all try to sink your little vessel of hope. While you are desperately trying to find the remnants of human civilization.

How to play?

Craft weapons and armor, defend your raft, upgrade it and survive! Lots of useful resources are floating right under your nose. The chests and barrels floating around always contain vital resources for survival, and wreckage is really good material for building rafts, so keep throwing the hook! Get ready to evolve and fight for survival at sea. No human can tame a shark and there is nowhere to run, so get ready to shoot! Make tough choices among multiple guns, two-handed blades and armor pieces to defend your floating base and hunt sharks. Be creative and freely expand the raft in height and width, because the only limit to building is your imagination.

Have you ever wondered if this endless ocean has a lost land with forests, jungle and pets? Don't sit back - dare to explore the ocean and the islands around. What are they hiding: horror or glory, medieval royal treasures or wild tigers and scary dinosaurs, or even the wreckage of an old plane? Moreover, on the islands you can find resources, raft upgrades and other items. You don't need a ship or ark to sail towards them in shark games - a simple boat will do and let the stars be your guide.

Play and stay on the raft for as many days as you can and share the results with your friends!

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow ‎Raft Survival! That's incredible game, i will play it later...