Game Bomberman for Dandy is remarkable in that it firmly sits in head. And how exactly? It is not clear.  Some hidden appeal to this game.

Well, first of all, the game Bomberman has interesting sound. The music is so extraordinary, weird. Moreover, when we take a bonus, it acquires some new notes, which was unusual for an eight-bit games.

The meaning of the game is simple. We go, we look for a bonus, an exit, and we blow up everything that is possible. All walls that prevent us from finding a way out.

The game is constantly counting down the time for which we need to find a window and blow up all enemies. Each level is inhabited by its own monsters, a bit like ghosts. If you do not have time to destroy all monsters and find the door, then high-level monsters will appear, who will be defeated oh, how difficult.

What is characteristic of the Bomberman game? Graphics is nowhere easier. Very low pixel graphics, but quite good on the eyes, and fun to play.

First of all, in the game you can put one bomb that explodes one cell around. But as you take bonuses, you will get a number of improvements, and not only improvements for bombs:

  • Increase the bomb blast radius by +1 with each bonus
  • Increasing the number of bombs delivered at a time, by +1 with each bonus
  • Ability to pass through walls
  • Bomb Explosion Immunity
  • Running speed
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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Bomberman! That's incredible game, i will play it later...