Dendy Games play online

Dendy ... how many pleasant evenings!! No, not just evenings. For days on end we played this console. After all, there were no saves there and we had to go through everything in one sitting. In principle, the matter was not even in saves. There were a lot of great games on it, and then it was extremely difficult to unstick. Cult console, what is there to say. And even in 2017 there are people who buy it. And this is not just an assumption, it is a real fact.

In any shop where there is a sale of Dendy, sellers will tell you that slowly, slowly they are sold and people often buy Dendy games and play at home. In principle, this can be a logical explanation. We always want to experience a great and fun time. Come back a little, where we were on a high. So people are buying up retro consoles in the hope of touching their childhood.

Who does not know, Dendy is a Taiwanese clone of the original Famicom console. We in Russia did not have original consoles on our markets, so markets were cluttered with Taiwanese and Chinese copies.

Since personal computers were still quite expensive, consoles were widely distributed in the world. Dendy games played all pelople. Game console Dendy conquered the entire post-Soviet space. For installation, the user did not need any additional technical tools and skills too. The console was simply connected via the antenna input of the TV. The Dendy Package included a single-game cartridge and 2 joysticks, which contributed to the development of friendship or competitive relations depending on the plot. Although you can certainly play alone. Cartridges with games by the way were quite expensive, about $10. Therefore, cartridges with collections were in great demand, where were few interesting 8-bit games in one cartridge.

By today's standards, the graphics of Dendy games look funny. But gamers of the time to compare the 8-bit processor was almost with nothing. Therefore, everyone was happy to cut into space battles, ran with an angular robocop and played super counter. By the way, Dendy had a very good lineup of sports simulators, quite dynamic hockey and tennis. A computer billiards is generally perfectly trained eyes;).

To some surprise of supplier, the target audience of toy was not limited to children of 8-14 years old, as was supposed. Positive user reviews contributed to the economic prosperity of the Steepler company. Already in 1993, the line of consoles was expanded with new models of Dendy Junior, Dendy Classic 2 and others. From each other, they differed only in appearance and price. Thus, in less than six months, Dendy’s sales volume exceeded half a billion rubles in Russia, and the turnover grew by more than 50% every month, and demand sometimes outstripped supply.

In the beginning of 1994, trade in consoles continued to flourish. But in 1996 Steepler company was closed, and the official Dendy sales were permanently discontinued. The main reason for the death of the brand was technical progress. For almost 5 years of triumphant dendy in Russia and the CIS countries personal computer has ceased to be a wonder and the primacy in the struggle for the future of the gaming industry has passed to him. In addition, the success of the Steppler and the growth of the solvent population made competing firms finally to pay attention to the Russian market, where pirates ruled. Nintendo, Sega and other companies were ready to supply their price-appropriate and slightly superior product in terms of their technical characteristics.