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The game, which will be discussed, proudly positions itself as a "Simulator". This alone makes one think that the player will have to dig deeper into the intricacies of the process before he begins to receive his portion of pleasure. But the Constructor is not like that. He is anything: cynically humorous, crazy, sometimes angry, mostly unusual, but always friendly to his user.

Constructor will not let you open these friendly hugs until the very end, whether you like it or not. Well then - vira little by little! We proceed to the construction of the future Yakimanka.

You understood correctly - here we will build! Moreover, we will involve the whole technological process of this difficult task - from the procurement of materials to the construction itself through the procured materials. And even at this game does not end, but only begins!

Vocational school, or Help Stupid Settled.

Our vanguard consists of laborers led by a foreman. On these simple and hard-working guys, our whole organization will stay. Who, besides them, will build houses for us, plow in our factories and beat the muzzles to other hard-working guys and hippies from an office hostile to us? No one but them, the rest of the school did well. We are building a sawmill, driving a free brigade there, but for now the guys are preparing us building materials, I will introduce you to one more specialist, this time a narrower profile. This uncle who reminds your alcoholic neighbor is our most faithful friend in case of unforeseen catastrophes on a local scale. After all, only those like him will repair our houses, prevent fires, and on occasion, with a wrench, they will support the comrades in the glorious battle wall-to-wall. Looking ahead, I will say that we still have to wave, and more than once. In the meantime, our factory has accumulated enough boards for the construction of the first in the area of ​​patrimony.

The time has come to lay the foundation of our future society. Who do you think we will inhabit in these lovely, cozy huts of the GULAG era? Who is our salt of the earth, the first unit of society and the supplier of labor? True, our beloved gopniki, drug addicts, drunkards and their faithful girlfriends are station cruises that have come out in circulation. These unpretentious people more for happiness and not necessary, except for the four walls and a mattress as a conveyor of future frames. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. All our tenants, regardless of social status, are divided into two (!) Categories. Some pay rent better, others give us their children, who can become, at the player’s choice, or functional professionals of different profiles (laborers, police ... more), or the same "tenants", but their status is higher. As a result, we are working for whole generations developing into a dynasty!

Naturally, the middle class has completely different requests than their neighbors drunks, who need to be satisfied, otherwise the courts are draining citizens with their rights. You can’t get anywhere, sometimes you have to satisfy the requirements of our tenants: to build houses better, to make overhauls in them, to buy new furniture (the better the situation in the apartment - the happier and longer these gavriks will live, which means they will have time to produce more kids or dump more money) . And remember, God forbid you to put Krishna in the garden of one of the tenants more garden gnomes than his neighbor! The result of this outright discrimination can be your dead nerves. The apotheosis of human arrogance is the obligatory absence of “plebeians” in the neighborhood, the presence of a subway station next to the house, so that you can get to the park and swim in the pool.

While we were breeding and multiplying, earning money and expanding the team, our competitors did the same. It is time to make a friendly visit to our agile neighbors. Disassemble rebar, boys!

For a start on the formation of combat groups.

The fact is that only in the course of natural selection can an employee be obtained with a higher qualification than just a builder. That is, out of three ordinary workers, one repairman-mechanic is obtained, and of the four, one foreman can be identified. So in this game there is an "upgrade of units".

You can still take as many as six guys and make one of them not-be-by-say-anyone.

As already mentioned, any member of the organization can be turned into a sharpened blade for your struggle. And it is better to remove the brigade or two from work, circle them in a frame - and instead of the blade we will get a stone-crushing hammer! "Tyk" on the enemy - and the guys with a whooping and shouting will run to mutate the adversary, moreover to the fact that he gets his arm, and this can be a drill, a nail-nail or a pro-logging logarithmic ruler. When the sector is cleared of the forces of the enemy, you can proceed to the seizure of territory. We select the foreman and order him to occupy the building he likes, he will begin to demolish the fence methodically and slowly seal the perimeter ... And what did you want? Life is a big fight!

Opponents of "rude decisions" Constructor'u also have something to please. At a certain stage, you get the opportunity to build special buildings. For example, you can organize a hippie commune. With this, just let us pick some production in order to save wildlife! Even these guys, due to their proximity to nature itself and its gifts in particular, can easily confuse their dwelling with an enemy dwelling house and break their cozy squat in it.

And how do you have the opportunity to incite members of the Spartak fan club on peaceful inhabitants? Or do you prefer the services of a pyromaniac clown? Or maybe send the thief to the warehouse to competitors? There are plenty of options, but there are guys who are not afraid of any enemy guards with shotguns, fences, chain dogs, and the devil himself is not afraid of them ...

These serious men wear formal suits and black hats and live in pizzerias. They are laconic and always ready to "provide a good friend a favor." Mafia. She is known to be immortal.

By hiring one such fighter (only one out of six ordinary workers for some reason turns out to be one gangster), we get a kind of superhero from some kind of "strategy about hobbits and orcs". After a couple of successfully executed "requests", the mafia will feel strong enough to acquire a sharp knife. After some time, it will be possible to get him a pistol, a shotgun, and, well, a Thompson machine gun, of course, where would the gangster be without him. Here you can spare your neighbor and start the full-scale production of "The 90s in Russia at a scale of 1: 1". Many passed the game precisely because of the presence of real gangsters in it, because at that far time GTA was not created yet.

What can I say in conclusion? Be prepared for the game to drag out if you like tycoons, managers and simulators of the city’s mayor. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to restart the game more than once, because the brutal AI does not allow such luxury as mistakes. It is recommended before the contest with the iron opponent to go through the game in the "free mode" in order to comprehend the subtleties of skill.

And get ready to experience the mass of everything comical, grotesque and even obscene - a game, as they say, without cuts, but with a twist in the form of original humor. I admit that not everyone will be able to digest a cocktail from unobtrusive stebny slang and serious, so be it, simulator.

In general, the Constructor is exactly what you need for a free evening or a couple of evenings. Or on all evenings of subsequent gamers life.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Constructor! That's incredible game, i will play it later...