Progress games

Progress games, also known as "development simulators" or "control simulations", are a genre of video games in which the player has the ability to control and develop a virtual world. The goal of the game can vary - it can be the development of a city, a colony on another planet, or the management of an enterprise.

The player must complete a series of tasks such as managing resources, constructing buildings, damaging the environment, managing workers, etc. Often in games about development there is a component of production and trade. The player can choose between different tactics and strategies, depending on how they want to develop their world.

In general, development games offer players the opportunity to manage and develop the virtual world at their own pace. They often offer many options for development and allow the player to choose the most suitable strategy. This may include producing goods, managing resources, closing deals, and managing workers.

In addition, development games can also include elements of strategy, allowing the player to make decisions and choose the best path to develop their world. Some games may also have an element of exploration and discovery, allowing the player to learn new technologies and improve their world.

In general, development games offer players a deep and dynamic gameplay in which they can manage and develop their virtual world based on their preferences and strategies. These can also be quite fun and educational challenges, as they often allow the player to learn more about how to manage and develop an economy and society.

However, progression games can also be complex and demanding, and it may take time for the player to fully master their mechanics. But for those who love deep and strategy games, this might be a great choice.