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Contra force
Contra force

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Here you can play Contra Force (Contra 6) online and completely free.

So, it all started with the fact that Konami developed another game in the genre of run and shoot called Arc Hund with 4 main characters, with a change of characters at any time of the game and destructible level elements. But she was ready by the time when the nintendo Super Famicom was already playing in Japan and there was a high risk of failing sales. The release was canceled and at the last moment it was decided to sell the game to the Americans, where snes had not yet gained such turns as in Japan and for one thing that the game was selling better, its name was changed to Contra Force. Well that at least the number in the title is not delivered. By the way, this game was announced in the American Nintendo power earlier than Imperial Wars. As a result, the latter appeared in American magazines as Contra 4. But Contra Force was released, as it was stated, half a year later and only in America. Therefore, the cartridge of this game is quite rare and not at all cheap.

Plot. Of course, attracted to the realities of NeoCity. The city fell under the control of the terrorist organization D.N.M.E. She kidnapped the city commissar? and now the only hope is an independent C-Force special forces group.

In general, this game has nothing to do with the counter, except that it has a slightly similar gameplay. So, it is commendable that the game has plot inserts, because few games at that time could boast about it. only the game was apparently released hastily, and the plot written in the instructions does not match.

A certain Fox tells the main character Björns that the head of intelligence was captured, and the peasant should be saved in every possible way, for this you need to move to some kind of warehouses in the harbor. Björns finds Fox beaten and he finds himself in a trap surrounded by thugs. it is not clear why he is alone in the screensaver, because not only Björns, but also his 3 comrades participate in the game.

Smith, Iron and Beans. In the player’s arsenal, there are four characters at once, and not one to choose from. Each of them has 3 lives and at any time you can switch the fighter. and even need to do it when life comes to an end. because if one of these lives ends completely, then you will have a game over, and you will have to start the game first level.

Even on the character selection screen, you can see that each of them has a different arsenal of weapons. Actually it distinguishes them from each other. I start all of them with pistols, but as the different boxes and other items are destroyed, you can pick up special suitcases, each of which moves the scale with the weapon forward one point. then click Select and get the appropriate equipment. So besides the pistol, each fighter has 2 unique weapons.

  • Burns - grenade launcher, automatic
  • Smith - Vntovka, self-guided missiles
  • Iron - Flamethrower, Bazooka
  • Beans - bombs, mines

The last 2 points are all the same. TurboPower makes it possible to shoot faster by the fact that at the same time a fighter can shoot more by one bullet. And the last point is a jump with invulnerability. The hero in the jump will flash, indicating that enemy bullets are not afraid of him at this moment. Also, the jump itself can cause damage to enemies, but it can be useful in few places.

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    Wow Contra force! That's incredible game, i will play it later...