Felix The Cat

Felix The Cat
Felix The Cat

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Here you can play the game on the dandy Felix The Cat online. There is even a cartoon with the same name about cat and his magic handbag.

The game begins with a voice ringing for Felix’s cat that requires a magic bag. And if Cat Felix does not give up, in any case he will take it.

The game was made by Hudson Soft, therefore, like other toys of the same company, the toy is very long. The game is built to look for secrets, to collect points, of course, to pump his wonderful handbag, well, to endure the bosses. If you look at the graphics, the graphics here are canceled for eight-bits. It's just gorgeous, everything is very beautifully traced. The soundtracks are varied, but in certain locations they are the same.

In the game we collect hearts, which turn us into the better form of Felix the cat. There are 4 forms:

  • Initial - which is given at the very beginning of the game and does not require time for superpowers. Our Cat Felix runs and beats everyone with a boxing glove.
  • Laughing Felix the Cat - now our hero can beat everyone around him with his laugh.
  • Felix the cat on a typewriter - our hero drives and can fire impulses when piping, but for a short distance.
  • Cat Felix on the tank - the latest and most powerful form of Cat Felix. Now we shoot shells and at a fairly large distance

We also need to collect milk, thereby prolonging the life of our super abilities, which have a limited time.

1) When you collect 100 coins with Felix the cat, you will have another life.
2) During the game you can beat the cloud of the professor's face. Hit 7 times and get an extra life.
3) Level with an umbrella is very easy to get through. To do this, press up + to the right and often click on the button A. The cat will fly out of the screen where no one will interfere.
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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Felix The Cat! That's incredible game, i will play it later...