FNF: Suicide Mouse Sings new Very Unhappy

FNF: Suicide Mouse Sings new Very Unhappy

"Friday Night Funkin’: Suicide Mouse Sings New Very Unhappy" is a unique and emotionally charged mod in the popular rhythm game series. This mod features a fan-made song titled 'Very Unhappy,' where players engage in a duet with a sadder version of Mickey Mouse, known as Suicide Mouse. Let’s delve into the details of this mod and what it offers to FNF players.

The Premise: A Duet with Depressed Mickey Mouse 🐭

In this mod, players encounter a more downcast version of Mickey Mouse:

  • Storyline: Boyfriend stumbles upon a very sad Mickey Mouse and engages in a musical battle to bring some solace through the song 'Very Unhappy.'
  • Emotional Connection: The mod aims to evoke emotions through its music and character portrayal, offering a different kind of experience in the FNF series.

Gameplay Mechanics: Rhythm and Timing 🎮

Like other FNF mods, "Suicide Mouse Sings New Very Unhappy" follows the classic rhythm game mechanics:

  • Note Matching: Players must watch for when arrow symbols above Boyfriend's head match and press the corresponding arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Song Completion: To win, players need to keep hitting the right notes until the song concludes.
  • Accuracy Is Key: Missing too many notes in succession results in losing the game, requiring a restart.

Developers and Mod Contributors 🧑‍💻

This melancholic mod is the result of collaborative efforts:

  • Original FNF Team: Programming by ninjamuffin99, art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r, and music by Kawai Sprite.
  • Mod Creators: The song 'Very Unhappy' was created by Adriozer, with charting by prod.xonthebeat, adding unique elements to the FNF universe.

How to Play "FNF: Suicide Mouse Sings New Very Unhappy" 🕹️

Engaging with this mod is straightforward:

  • Control Scheme: Simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to match the notes as they align with the on-screen prompts.


"FNF: Suicide Mouse Sings New Very Unhappy" offers a unique twist to the Friday Night Funkin' experience, combining rhythmic gameplay with a more somber and emotional theme. Whether you're a longtime fan of FNF or intrigued by this unusual mod, it promises a memorable and touching musical journey. 🎶🖤

Immerse yourself in the melancholic melody of "FNF: Suicide Mouse Sings New Very Unhappy" and share your experiences. Can you navigate through the emotional depth of this song and help cheer up Mickey Mouse? Let the rhythm guide you! 🎵🎹

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    Wow FNF: Suicide Mouse Sings new Very Unhappy! That's incredible game, i will play it later...