FNF Vs Dave and Bambi: Definitive Edition

FNF Vs Dave and Bambi: Definitive Edition

"FNF Vs Dave and Bambi: Definitive Edition" is an extensive mod for the popular rhythm game "Friday Night Funkin'" (FNF). In this mod, players engage in musical battles against two characters, Dave and Bambi, across a wide array of songs. Here's a breakdown of what this mod offers and how to play it:

Features of FNF Vs Dave and Bambi: Definitive Edition

  • Extensive Tracklist: The game features a comprehensive list of songs, each offering unique challenges. The tracks range from '8-28-63' to 'vs dave thanksgiving,' including various versions of songs like 'old-blocked' and 'old-house.'
  • Game Modes: Players can choose between story mode, which is divided into weeks, and free play mode, where you can tackle songs one at a time.
  • Visual and Audio Experience: The mod includes custom visuals and music, enhancing the original FNF gameplay experience.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Basic Controls: The game is played using the arrow keys. Players must press the corresponding arrow key when the floating arrow symbols match the ones above the character BF (Boyfriend).
  • Rhythm and Timing: Success in the game depends on hitting the notes at the right time, maintaining rhythm and flow with the music.
  • Challenge: Missing multiple notes in a row can lead to losing the battle, requiring the player to start over.

Mod Credits

  • Key Authors and Contributors: The mod was brought to life by a team of developers, artists, and musicians, including WhatsDown, ztgds, Reginald Reborn, and others.
  • Download: It's available for download on platforms like itch.io.

Original Credits

  • The original "Friday Night Funkin'" game was developed by ninjamuffin99, with art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r, and music by Kawai Sprite.

How to Play

  1. Navigate the Menu: Choose either story mode or free play mode.
  2. Play the Songs: Use the arrow keys to hit the notes as they come. The goal is to match the arrows precisely when they align with BF's arrows at the top.
  3. Keep the Rhythm: Stay in tune with the rhythm to win each musical battle against Dave and Bambi.


"FNF Vs Dave and Bambi: Definitive Edition" offers an expanded and immersive experience for fans of "Friday Night Funkin'." With its extensive tracklist and creative contributions, it's a must-try for those seeking a challenging and entertaining rhythm game experience.

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