FNF vs Matt Wiik 4! (Fanmade)

FNF vs Matt Wiik 4! (Fanmade)

FNF vs Matt Wiik 4! (Fanmade) - An Epic Rap-Battle Showdown

The "Friday Night Funkin'" (FNF) community brings yet another creative and exhilarating mod with "FNF vs Matt Wiik 4! (Fanmade)". This mod introduces a fresh chapter in the series of rap battles against Matt, a character originally from Nintendo Wii Sports, known for his challenging gameplay and iconic status. This time, Matt is back with a new look, swapping his baseball bat for a sword in a thrilling musical duel with Boyfriend.

🎤 Swordfight Showdown with New Tracks 🎤

In "FNF vs Matt Wiik 4! (Fanmade)", players will engage in the Swordfight Showdown, featuring new songs that raise the stakes of the battle:

  • En-garde
  • Swordfight
  • Combat
  • Final-showdown

These tracks bring a fresh vibe to the mod, each with its unique rhythm and style, perfectly fitting the sword-wielding theme.

🎮 Mod Credits: A Collaborative Effort 🎮

The mod is a result of the collaborative efforts of the FNF community:

  • Robomaster: Creator
  • Snuffow: Sprites, Composer
  • ExpKing: Composer, Icon Remake
  • nahCyzar0520: Concept Artist
  • Oolexx: Coder, Charter
  • Pepitico: Logo Design
  • Marcrun98: Ending Creation

Original Matt Mod Team Acknowledgment

The mod builds upon the original Matt Mod by:

  • Sulayre: Sprites, Code
  • Matt: Inspiration from Wii Sports
  • TheOnlyVolume: Charter, Music
  • hayley_c0ntrol: Background Art
  • DEAD SKULLXX: Chart Testing
  • aflack: Old Charts
  • LetterY: Mii GF Sprites

Experience the Enhanced Rap Battle

With updated sprites, remade icons, and new songs, "FNF vs Matt Wiik 4! (Fanmade)" offers an enhanced gaming experience. The mod maintains the core gameplay mechanics of FNF, requiring players to hit notes with precision and rhythm.

Conclusion: A Must-Try for FNF Fans

For fans of "Friday Night Funkin'" and those who love challenging rhythm games, "FNF vs Matt Wiik 4! (Fanmade)" is a must-try. The mod not only pays homage to the iconic character of Matt but also adds new dimensions to the FNF gameplay with its unique theme and tracks. Get ready for an epic showdown and show off your rhythm skills against Matt in this fanmade adventure! 🕹️🎵🗡️🎶🎮

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow FNF vs Matt Wiik 4! (Fanmade)! That's incredible game, i will play it later...