Fountain of Dreams

Fountain of Dreams
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Fountain of Dreams

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Fountain of Dreams is the second series of an unfulfilled soap opera launched by Wasteland.

After the Great Nuclear War, Florida became an island. Years passed, radiation spread, and its population began to mutate slowly ... But one doctor in one village has the secret of restoring humanity, which allows overcoming the harmful effects of mutations, and this village lives alone for its future, unlike the rest of the Island. But when the power on the Island is seized by a group of mutated Killer Clowns, descendants of the participants in the big top circus, who got stuck on the island on a tour during the war, the inhabitants of this village decide to hit the Clowns - and at the same time heal the population of the Island from mutations ...
But the Clowns spoil the whole plan with a simple action - killing that doctor. Now the Dream of Fountain is becoming the last hope for the whole Island, a mysterious source that, according to legend, can cleanse any mutation with its waters ...

So again, the post-core. We make a reservation right away, this is not Wasteland 2. It was called Mean Time and was never released. This game is made by other people on the Wasteland engine. What has changed? First, we now work differently with characters. Reading books raises skills immediately, and not only in the presence of free points. When generating, we select classes (one of five - Survivalist, Vigilante, Doctor (Medic), Bandit (Hood) or Mechanic), each of which has fixed minimum and maximum attribute values, which we are free to reinforce with distribution points. The inventory is now clearly divided into subjects - it will be possible to give someone else a book in the face only if the authors of the game wanted it, and will depend on the particular book. Sorry.

The graphics have also undergone major changes. Buttons on the panel have sunk into oblivion, now they are hidden inside a very intentional character menu. The battle engine has undergone a similar processing (inside it is exactly the same, but the speed control has been taken away from us, and the battle statistics output window has been reduced to three lines - in order to be able to show up to three portraits of opponents at once). Yes, portraits - they, like character sprites, were redrawn and now differ in much more detail and size. It is noteworthy that in a later Escape From Hell using the same engine, sprites are still worse.

Paragraphs from the manual have been canceled as a class - all the text will be pushed into the game, and not in the creeping line, as before, but in the normal order - in pop-up dialogs. Hooray, comrades!

Mutations are worth mentioning separately. After the death of the doctor who knew how to heal them, we will have to carefully monitor our exposure. Firstly, radiation sickness can die. Secondly, after passing a certain point, we get a loss, because we lose our humanity, so we need to hurry, because the radiation background is slowly growing and time is running out ...
Thirdly. Perks. It cannot be called otherwise. When we begin to manifest various mutations, we will actually get the perks familiar to all Fallouters!
Chitin has grown instead of skin? You will be uglier, but stronger at times. Sharp talons? Goodbye firearms, hello, critical hits in a melee! And so on.

In general, despite some imperfections, we are faced with a much more polished project than its predecessor. But - alas, without a soul. This game is not able to tighten you like Wasteland did. Nevertheless, if you are interested in playing something very, very close to him - you are welcome. Florida is waiting for you!

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Fountain of Dreams! That's incredible game, i will play it later...