Friday Night Funkin': Foned In (FNF Mobile)

Friday Night Funkin': Foned In (FNF Mobile)

Friday Night Funkin’: Foned In (FNF Mobile)

Get ready to experience the rhythm-driven world of Friday Night Funkin’ in the palm of your hands! Introducing Foned In, designed explicitly for touchpad devices. Whether you're on a mobile phone or tablet, the beats are now at your fingertips!

Credits for Foned In:

  • Development: Le-ECE

Credits for the Original FNF:

  • Programming: ninja_muffin99 & KadeDev
  • Art: PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r
  • Music: kawaisprite

Heads-Up on Known Issues:

  • Song restarts could lead to page reloading.
  • Experience stuttering? Restarting the level might help.
  • Old devices might have trouble displaying some sprites.
  • Random crashes can occur.
  • The accuracy bar, ironically, might not be that accurate!
  • Kade Engine might surprise you with occasional glitches.
  • Crave a tougher challenge? Try disabling Ghost Tapping in the settings.

For a seamless gaming experience, it's advised to use Google Chrome when playing the FNF Mod.

Gameplay Controls:

Menu Navigation:

  • Navigate Up: Swipe Down
  • Navigate Down: Swipe Up
  • Change Difficulty: Swipe Right
  • Go Back: Swipe Left
  • Select/Enter: Tap

During the Game:

  • As the notes arrive at the judgement line, touch the matching arrow keys.
  • Alternatively, for convenience, you can touch any part of the column.
  • Need to pause? Just tap the top-left corner.

The stage is set! Dive into the music, find your rhythm, and most importantly, have an incredible time. Ready, set, funk!

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Friday Night Funkin': Foned In (FNF Mobile)! That's incredible game, i will play it later...