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Hi-Octane is a futuristic simulator, where the player is invited to wind circles while driving vehicles hovering at a short distance from the ground (hereinafter - PNNROZSP) with the parallel shooting of nimble opponents who seek to gain Anakin's laurels for NebuGulyuyu.

There are as many as six routes (such as three from the add-on) to be engaged in such an amusing business, two means of destruction - a mini-machine gun and a rocket launcher like PNNROZSP-PNNROZSP; an accelerator is also available that can, at the right time, significantly reduce or increase, depending on the situation, the distance between the player and the opponent. The machine gun has endless ammunition, only has the habit of overheating from excessive use (it is necessary to wait until it cools down); a rocket launcher, in contrast, has only six cells for charges. And the minigun, and the launcher, and the accelerator can be improved right on the go, picking up bonuses sparse on the road: in this case, in the first and second cases, the equipment power is increased due to double-barrels, and in the third - by reducing the time for heating and cooling. On certain sections of the tracks there are peculiar pitstops that restore armor, fuel or missile shells; in addition, from the defeated (read - shot) opponents fall heaps of restoalers.

The player is given the choice of 6 PNNROZSP: two of them are fast and flimsy, two are slow and tank-like, the other two are well balanced (that is, they are not suitable for racing or in battle - a joke). In addition, the player has the right to choose one of 8 predefined color schemes for his PNRNOZSP - alas, you cannot create your own.

There are 6 modes: Championship (passing all the tracks in order), Single race (driving on one track), Clone race (racing with your best lap result), Deadly match (as usual - who is bigger than anyone, that and that), Divided screen (two players with different controls), Hot seat (very original mode - up to eight people on one control, the game goes into a turn-by-turn mode: while steering one, AI takes control of the others; the autopilot turns off cyclically after a certain interval time). The last 4 modes, as well as the three new tracks mentioned above, were introduced by an addon, which is already included in the version on the site.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Hi-Octane! That's incredible game, i will play it later...