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Jetpack is a classic arcade game in which you need to play for the conditional "traveler" with a jetpack on which he can jump high and even fly a little, and a laser that collects green crystals in level caves. The goal is to collect all the crystals on the level and find a way further. Keep in mind - the jetpack is not immediately at all levels, sometimes it must first be "obtained."

Jetpack consumes fuel, so you need to look for special bonuses to replenish it. Other bonuses include freezing charges (for enemies) and temporary invulnerability. The laser, oddly enough, cannot harm the enemies, it is only intended for cutting holes in the walls, which may be required to go to the next level; sometimes this can be done only after finding and pressing a button or lever.

The movement here is by no means always smooth - there are obstacles (ice, grass) as well as “lightened” areas (stairs, teleporters). Often the main task is to successfully jump with the help of a jetpack on the columns between which there are sharp stones. Enemies in the game cannot be killed, and the main danger is not even animated enemies, but different traps. Each type of monster has its own type of behavior (mainly in terms of movement).

Initially, the game has exactly one hundred levels, there is a built-in editor. The graphics for 1993 will surely seem to many too outdated and minimalistic, but - as it is, in my opinion - is far from bad. The verdict is a classic, albeit not a gold one, therefore it is recommended that all lovers of old "smart" platform meters be familiar with it.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Jetpack! That's incredible game, i will play it later...