Join Clash 3D

Join Clash 3D

Join Clash 3D - Epic Survival Run. Embark on a thrilling race through perilous challenges and test the limits of your reflexes. Can you lead your crowd to safety and claim victory?

Main Features:

  • Crowd Forming: Begin your journey alone and gather allies to form the most massive crowd ever. The more the merrier, as they'll help you push through tough obstacles.

  • Challenging Obstacles: From moving platforms, spinning saws, to swinging hammers, every level presents a fresh set of dangers. Adapt and strategize to save your team members.

  • Fortress Battles: Every level culminates in a final clash. Run with your massive crowd and storm the enemy's gates. Conquer their fortress and revel in victory!

  • Interactive Levels: Dynamic levels with increasing difficulty that test your ability to strategize and adapt on the go. With every victory, face new challenges that require sharper reflexes and tactics.

  • Mesmerizing Graphics & Controls: With vibrant visuals and intuitive swipe controls, the game offers a seamless experience. Witness satisfying color bursts and effects as you conquer levels.

  • Rewards & Gifts: Achieve milestones and receive exciting rewards. Unlock new characters, and customize your crowd for a personalized gaming experience.

Coming Soon: We're continuously working to enhance the game. Look forward to new levels, challenges, and thrilling obstacles!

Your feedback matters! Please share your experience and suggestions. Join the race, avoid the pitfalls, lead your team, and become the ultimate survival champion!

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Join Clash 3D! That's incredible game, i will play it later...