NASCAR Racing 2
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NASCAR Racing 2

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NASCAR Racing 2

Before I begin, in fact, a review of NASCAR 2, let me point out one important detail: NASCAR 2 is not a toy. I considered myself a fairly experienced arcade racer, but NASCAR draws that thin line that runs between the race and strategic planning. In this game, each of the tracks needs to be approached individually in order to maximally fine-tune your car for it, to know where and when to call in a pit stop, and most importantly, to monitor the progress of other participants. After half an hour driving along the oval, you begin to feel that the developers have done everything possible to bring this simulator as close as possible to reality.

Graphics NASCAR 2 for its time looks very solid. The physical model and the damage model are worthy of separate praise, they are so realistically executed. Thanks to these two factors, you will spend at least half of the playing time in the virtual garage, doing the finest tuning of your racing unit to achieve optimal performance on the track. For people who are far from driving terms, there is a diagram that clearly shows what exactly is affected, for example, by a change in tire pressure.

Artificial intelligence is also worthy of a separate small paragraph. Perhaps it only seemed to me, but as soon as my car came into contact with the car of one of the participants of the race only once, all the other cars began to shun mine. This completely "human" behavior provides additional immersion in the atmosphere of NASCAR races.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow NASCAR Racing 2! That's incredible game, i will play it later...