Real Cars Extreme Racing

Real Cars Extreme Racing

Real Cars Extreme Racing is a thrilling 3D car driving game filled with action, adventure, and various game modes. It provides an immersive experience, offering something for everyone, from racing against AI opponents to engaging in explosive battlefield action.


The game boasts an extensive lineup of 30 supercars and 180 racetracks, ensuring a unique experience every time you play. With modes including a 2 Player mode, Free driving mode, Hot Chase mode, Battlefield mode, and Policeman mode, the game keeps the excitement levels high. A vehicle purchase and development system adds depth to the game, allowing players to upgrade and personalize their racing experience.

Game Modes:

1. Career:

The Career mode is subdivided into five areas: Race, Against Time, Stunt, Checkpoint, and Fly Parkour. Players can earn stars based on their performance, with a potential to earn up to 540 stars in total. Each sub-mode offers a unique challenge:

  • Race Mode: Features 36 racetracks where players race against seven AI opponents. Secure a top-three finish to advance to the next track.
  • Time Against Mode: Test your speed across 36 tracks and beat the clock to earn stars, which can be used to purchase new supercars.
  • Stunt Mode: Perform daring stunts on 36 specially designed tracks to reach the finish line within a time limit.
  • Checkpoint Mode: Navigate through 12 obstacle-laden tracks and reach the finish line.
  • Fly Parkour Mode: A true test of skill and precision as players aim to reach the finish line without veering off the road.

2. Free Driving:

In the Free Driving mode, players can explore a sprawling city filled with large buildings, wide streets, and hidden areas. Search the city to find 60 hidden gems, unlocking new vehicles and upgrades. Every five minutes, the Reward Table unlocks, providing players with money based on their drift, damage, and flight points.

3. Hot Chase:

Experience the thrill of a high-speed chase in Hot Chase mode. Players must evade the police, ensuring their "HP" doesn’t drop to zero to avoid getting caught.

4. Battle Arena:

The Battle Arena pits eight racers against each other on a specially designed battlefield. Collect special abilities like "Damage X5," "HP +25," and "SHIELD" to gain an advantage over opponents and emerge as the last racer standing.

5. Mr. Policeman:

Take on the role of a police officer in Mr. Policeman mode. The objective is to catch criminals before time runs out by hitting them and reducing their 'HP' to zero.

6. Two Players (2P VERSUS):

Engage in a friendly competition with a friend on the same computer in the Two Players mode. Prove who is the superior driver on 12 special race tracks.

Developer and Platforms:

Developed by Özgür Aydın, Real Cars Extreme Racing is accessible on Web browsers and Android, ensuring you can enjoy the game on various platforms.


For Player 1, use the ARROW KEYS or WASD to drive, N for nitro, and C for camera view. For Player 2, use WASD to drive and T for nitro.

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Real Cars Extreme Racing, where every race is a new adventure, and every mode brings a unique challenge.

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