The field of miracles
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The field of miracles

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The field of miracles

Field of Miracles: Nostalgia for the 90s

Do you remember evenings in front of the TV screen, waiting for the smiling Leonid Yakubovich and his magic drum to appear? In the 1990s, the "Field of Miracles" became a real cultural phenomenon that won the hearts of many Russians. But what if you could become a participant in this show without leaving your home? Vadim Bashurov presented players with a computer version of this popular television show, and it was something!

The main charm of the game was its atmosphere and detail. Sectors “Prize”, “Skip a turn”, as well as the ability to choose between a large sum of money and a funny prize, for example, a bunch of bagels. All this made the gameplay unpredictable and fun.

Another highlight of the game was the presence of cartoon characters as your opponents. Meeting Winnie the Pooh or Bagheera as opponents was unexpected and funny. This added lightness and friendliness to the game, and also emphasized a humorous approach to the gameplay.

The controls in the game are intuitive, and the design inspired by Wolfenstein 3D gave a special atmosphere. And although the game did not pretend to be deep learning or complex strategies, its goal was to entertain and give joy. And in this Vadim Bashurov was able to reach the top.

As a result, “Field of Miracles” in the computer version is a wonderful reminder of the time when games were simple, but no less exciting. This is a precious piece of nostalgia that allows you to momentarily return to the carefree days of childhood and youth, when the whole world seemed full of wonder and possibility.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow The field of miracles! That's incredible game, i will play it later...