Transport Tycoon
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Transport Tycoon

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Transport Tycoon

Transport Tycoon is a realistic economic simulation strategy. Here you can really feel like a transport tycoon, the owner of the concern, creating your own economic empire.

At the beginning of the game, a future oligarch will be presented with a map with numerous objects located on it (cities, enterprises, banks, oil platforms, etc.) with which to work. The player will have to strain a bit, remembering the economy, because without elementary knowledge in this area, it will not be easy - unless, of course, he immediately wants to win. Although there are games much more difficult.

So, basically it is necessary to build stations and transport goods from producer to consumer. It is advisable to have several railway stations and interchanges that can automatically pass through huge traffic without traffic jams. When unloading (transfer of cargo), payment for transport services occurs - in proportion to the distance between stations, the amount of cargo and the speed of delivery.

The game has a set of levels of cargo consumption. The city administration maintains a rating for each transport company operating in or near the city (a numerical or ordinal indicator that displays the importance or significance of a particular object; an independent assessment system). It can fall if, for example, demolish many buildings in the city or build a station and not take cargo from it for a long time. Authorities can generally ban companies from building stations near the city, as well as demolishing buildings.

Most significantly the rating is affected by felling and planting of trees. They have to be destroyed during the construction of buildings, stations, overpasses, when performing work with changing ground levels. The rating can be improved by planting trees, conducting an advertising campaign or investing in the construction of buildings, street reconstruction, buying exclusive rights to transport services near the city or to work in it.

Competition is also characteristic here (healthy and not very): seizure of territory, petty hooliganism (railing of the territory adjacent to the station), cheating and wrecking. You can, for example, leave the train in the middle of the roadway, thereby creating a traffic jam, block the road by train and build a detour. And while the competitor rides on it, to dismantle part of the road, locking it on the ring.

You cannot win the game - the only goal is to maximize the profit for your transport company. It is necessary to gradually, meticulously and methodically develop the transport infrastructure: build roads, railways, airports, and engage in the transport of passengers and goods. This will provide growth, demand and profit. Despite the fact that there are various types of transport (auto, air, water, in addition to railway), the most reliable and cost-effective of them is the train.

In a special addition to the game, an editor has been added so that players can create their own maps. So playing will be even more interesting.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Transport Tycoon! That's incredible game, i will play it later...