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Iron Assault

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In Iron Assault, the shadow of sinister megacorporations has covered the world of the future, and people have nothing to dream of preserving their independence. The power of money, corruption, the decomposition of the moral foundations of society ... Not very pleasant prospects are presented to us by the developers of Iron Assault. But in this conflict, as in any other, there are two sides. The dictatorship of the rich arrogant minority is opposed by a group of miraculously capable rebels who are still able to fight. They have almost no chance, in their eyes there is no trace of past hope ... Right now, it is time for the hero to enter into business, who will be able to turn the tide of hostilities and let people again feel the taste of freedom. This hero, of course, is you - an unsurpassed pilot of the fur, a huge combat vehicle, replacing the rest of the military equipment.

At first it might seem that Iron Assault has nothing to attract the attention of fans of such simulations. A limited three-dimensional space inhabited by flat robot sprites, quite ordinary tasks that have as their main purpose to enlighten the enemy by destroying all his forces in the operation zone, are not the most detailed settings of his own machine ... But behind these trifles and roughness is hiding the nuclear gameplay that makes the game much more like a dynamic arcade than a serious robo-sim. Having thrown away fiddling with management and abandoning revolutionary graphic solutions, the creators approached with great thoroughness the development of a powerful damage system in their variety of capabilities and carefully provided Iron Assault with trifles that allow you to get the most out of the process. Forget about the long planning of each new task, coordinating your actions with allies and fine-tuning your equipment. Choosing a suitable fur model and hanging several guns on it, you can immediately plunge into the atmosphere of hurricane skirmishes and fierce battles taking place both in large cities and in lifeless arid prairies and ice deserts. And yet, despite the fact that the number of destroyed enemies quickly goes over several dozen, it is impossible to call Iron Assault an arcade. Indeed, decent tactical capabilities and interesting innovations are adjacent to the dynamics and speed of what is happening.

To successfully complete the mission, you will need to not only frantically press the trigger, but also use countermeasures in time, which can provide the fur with some protection against the enemy onslaught. It can be useful to include additional information displays available to some robot models in order to be able to simultaneously see the general map of the terrain, the radar readings and the image from the rear view camera. But perhaps the most interesting in Iron Assault is that opponents are able to "cripple" your fur literally in parts, gradually destroying the important systems responsible for the various functions of the faithful iron giant. Inadvertently substituting the side under the rocket salvo, you risk losing the guidance system. And then aim at the eye as much as you like, getting into enemies will now be much more difficult. Accidentally ran into the environment? Pay for the fact that a well-aimed hit will partially disable the control device, and your robot will move no better than an inveterate drunkard. In special cases, opponents even manage to damage you in such a way that movement in one of the directions becomes inaccessible. And sometimes you have to back up to the very end of the mission, like a real cancer.

The goodies do not end there, and fur lovers will probably be interested to know that Iron Assault allows (or even orders) the player to scout the internal premises of enemy bases and roadblocks, that is, to move the fighting inside various halls, garages and warehouses, having previously broken through the wall of a suitable size hole for entry. A good solution that can quickly bring extra stubborn players extra supplies and just as quickly kill insufficiently careful ones, because all sorts of valuable points are guarded by the largest number of opponents. But the bravest authorities will give praise after the end of the mission. And if you can keep your own robot intact, the mechanics will literally carry you in your arms. Returning from the assignment, you can watch the latest news about the fight against corporations and enjoy a cup of coffee before the next intense mission. Sometimes we are given a chance to watch events “live”, showing beautiful video clips capturing the hottest moments of the battle.

Not an ordinary fur simulator, Iron Assault, however, will bring joy to every lover of this genre, and in addition, it will delight all players who prefer to some extent arcade gameplay. So saddle your faithful steel titanium, for the last time check the equipment of your weapons - and go ahead, restore the scolded honor of democracy and human rights.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Iron Assault! That's incredible game, i will play it later...