Prehistorik 2
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Prehistorik 2

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Prehistorik 2

Here you can Prehistorik 2 play online. I present to your attention a game in the genre of the arcade platform called Prehistorik 2.

The game was developed in 1992 by the French company Titus Interactive. This game is one of the few cases in which the second part of the game is much better than the first.

The game is in English, although for this genre the language is not fundamental. The size of the game for those times is huge, more than one megabyte. For comparison, this game can be recorded 50 thousand times on a BlueRay disk. The system requirements are minimal, the game went great on the 286th processor.

So we manage a prehistoric man whose goal is to find food for the family. In carrying out this noble mission, we have to go through 16 different levels, cracking down on local wild animals.

The game impresses with its numerous droids: an instant response on the keys, a juicy picture, differing in concepts of levels, which affects the ways of passing. Also, the enemies are not just differently drawn, they really behave differently. You have to shred countless hordes of turtles, different species of dragonflies, saber-toothed leopards, pterodactyls, wolves, caterpillars, dinosaurs, some nosed men in leopard skins, bats, balls with eyes, penguins, even bears. But the most common opponents are unknown animals. Tying by the number and variety of enemies is a kind of Serious Sam among the arcades. Also at the end of some levels we have to fight with the bosses.

The game has 2 main types of weapons of near and far range. The first type is a cudgel or wooden kalatushka, and the second is various tomogavki and throwing axes. For each level there is its best for passing weapons.

If by the variety of enemies - this is Serious Sam among the arcades, then by the number of hidden levels the game can be compared to Wolfenstein 3D. The game also has a variable landscape. Some parts of the walls and obstacles can be demolished. Conversely, you can knock out secret, previously invisible islets to get to the most delicious food.

  • Gameplay 10 out of 10. The game has hurricane dynamics and hordes of enemies that appear literally from the ground, which will not let you relax for a second.
  • The sound is 10 out of 10. The musical accompaniment is perfectly matched. Particularly cool voiced wooden Kalatushki.
  • Graphics - 10 out of 10. The bright picture pleases the eye even now. Resolution 640 by 400 and 256 colors.
  • Playability - 10 out of 10. During the preparation of materials for this review, the author could not resist and spent several hours passing the game.
The system of saving in the game is missing, which is compensated by the fact that periodically at the levels come across codes that need to be entered in the main menu of the game to start from the desired level. There is also a secret super code that gives you the opportunity to go to any level. To do this, enter DEAD C0DE F00D. Pay attention instead of the letters O need to enter zeros. Next is the level number in the hex system.
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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Prehistorik 2! That's incredible game, i will play it later...