Dinosaurs games

All lovers of big monsters will certainly be interested in dinosaur games.

As you know, these monstrous animals lived on earth millions of years ago, even before human existence. Nowadays, archaeologists can only examine the remains of dinosaurs, studying their structure and way of life. Among dinosaurs were both lizard-like and bird-like. At the present time, dinosaurs can be seen in many films, books and, of course, games. Want to spend time with huge dinosaurs? Our site presents you with a wide selection of dinosaur online games. Here you can not only take care of the wonderful kids dinosaurs, but also control the great Tyrannosaurus Rex, who will smash the city buildings and swallow people. In other games you have to save dinosaurs from certain doom or help them in their search for food.

As an experiment, you can even try to create your own dinosaur from individual parts, because it's cool! Choose a game to your taste and get carried away!