Settlers 2
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Settlers 2

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Settlers 2

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Unlike many strategies of the 90s, the game Settlers 2 required the player to be not so much a great military clever leader or a wise politician, as a good logistics manager. The main thing that had to be done there was to build roads and buildings so that resources were evenly distributed on the map, no one was hungry, mines regularly brought food, and beer and money were sent to the barracks.

The task is not really easy. Maps were quite large and it was possible to build far from everything and everywhere. In this case, the related production should have been located in the neighborhood. If they were built at a distance of at least a few transitions, they would become practically meaningless. For example, the pigsty demanded constant supplies of grain and water. And if there was no well and a farm with him, the pigs were sad and did not breed. Steelworking was much more fun if the mines and forges were near the smelter and were not located at the other end of the map.

In Logistics Settlers 2, it was necessary to take into account the fact that the inhabitants of the village had their own opinion on how to allocate resources. For example, the shortage of pork began. And the residents stubbornly carried grain first to the mill, and then to the brewery, and only then to the pigsty, sincerely believing that beer is always more important than food.

Correcting their actions and erecting new buildings was much more fun than one might think. The way the men on the map pass each other boards, gold and other supplies just hypnotized. And besides, it was possible to spy, as in the time free from the righteous works of fun, they rest. For example, jump over a rope or chew gum and inflate a bubble.

The only drawback of the game is the pace. By today's standards, she is very unhurried. Because of the distance closer to the final, war and construction are becoming very, very slow. This rate makes Settlers 2 an ideal game for a golden citizen. But in the time when the setters build something, you can make dinner, make tea, work, and even watch a series of your favorite TV shows. Then it is worth checking how things are in the village. Are new barracks already ready and an invincible army is about to settle in them? When this happens, you need to grab a piece of land from a neighbor and go about your business until the next moment, which will bring us victory ...

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Settlers 2! That's incredible game, i will play it later...