Tank 1990
Tank 1990

Tank 1990

Here you can play Tank 1990 dandy online. If you had this version, then why is this game special?

In the Tank 1990 there are many different buns that are not found in the usual Battle City tanks.

In this version, tanks can float on the water, if you take the boat. Opponents can choose different bonuses as well. For example, if an alien tank takes a star, it will also improve, like yours. The enemy can take a grenade that will destroy you. And all this radically changes the gameplay. Also, if you like this game, try World Wars 1991.

Why do I tell all this? This game Tank 1990 gives emotions that the original game will never give. Those emotions, when you see a grenade on the other end of the map and understand that if the enemy now comes to her and takes it, then death will come to you. And you rush on to this grenade at all your speeds, at the speed of light. And if you play with a friend, it's just crazy. You understand how tanks are played with friends, it’s just divine. There are no words here, because to play tanks alone and play with your friend, these are completely 2 different games. You sit like this, and here bang take a shovel, from this the eagle is made without walls, and here, in addition, you still have a clock, and you cannot move. It's just something, everything changes dramatically, and the game becomes epic.

I am very grateful to the Chinese for this modification, the modification that gave emotions to many. Extremely positive emotions, because Tank 1990 is a super game, especially with a friend for a couple.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Tank 1990! That's incredible game, i will play it later...