Yorg.io is a browser game that will be a real treat for strategy lovers. Thousands of players will play here, but you won't be able to face them like each player will have their own map. Unlike other io games, you do not need to fight with other players, but you need to survive for a long time. The player who survives more nights and becomes the leader of the top list. Before entering the game, you need to enter your nickname and select one of the game modes: easy, normal, hard, impossible, sandbox and boss mode for every day. Choose the mode that suits you best and go ahead!

Here you and I need to build a huge base and survive from zombies. Before you will be a map with many multi-colored crystals. When you build your base, zombies will attack you. Therefore, the choice of the location of the base must be taken responsibly. Try to find the area with the most resources. The most valuable are the red crystals. Build your base near them and then you can develop and improve your base much faster and more efficiently. Also, you can collect crystals by hand.

After building the base, you need to immediately start installing crystal and iron mines. You will need iron for iron factories that will produce iron cores for cannons that will destroy zombies. In order for them to reach the guns, you need to install transporters that will pave the way from one point to another.

After the first zombie invasion, you need to tackle shooting towers, arrow factories and building walls. As you accumulate red crystals, you can improve all your buildings and combat units. Also, they can be sold.

It is worth remembering that in boss mode, you can forget about small and weak zombies. Instead, you have to confront more powerful and powerful enemies.

Enjoy your game and good luck!

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Yorg.io! That's incredible game, i will play it later...