Zombie games

Are you ready to survive the worst night of your life, survive against all odds and save your friends and allies from bloodthirsty monsters? Then welcome to the nameless city, which became the place where the deadly virus began the procession, turning good and carefree people into scary zombies, distraught creatures, greedy warm human flesh. Each game in this section is ready to offer one of the scenarios. In some, you must escape from the city covered by the virus, in others you can try to prevent the Apocalypse, armed with all available weapons, and the third will become one of the infected and hunt for survivors.

Few people know that zombies come from Haiti, which is home to the popular voodoo cult that turns dead people into zombies. The most famous zombies gave American movies in which zombies were shown as terrible creatures that killed people. Zombies are used not only in movies, but they can also be found in online zombie games, where they are given certain roles. All zombies are shown as the hungry dead who eat the flesh of people. They have crooked arms and legs, dead skin color and scary teeth.

Basically, zombie games are shooters in which you need to fight off a whole heap of zombies and shoot them with different weapons. You will be in the role of a real defender of the Earth or a warrior who will have to use all his strength and skills to prevent the zombies from flooding the whole earth. The developers of online games have come up with a lot of ways to deal with zombies. You will be available to a variety of weapons and ways to destroy zombies. Use guns, machine guns, pistols, bats, knives, crush them with cars and tanks, launch from a catapult and much more.

Already invented more than a hundred online games with different types of bullying and killing zombies, so hurry to play!