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Heroes of Might and Magic
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Heroes of Might and Magic

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It was 1995. A young but promising company, New World Computing, releases such game Heroes of Might and Magic as strategy quest.

The game Heroes has its own fantasy universe. All actions take place on the planet Enroth. And there are only 4 parties to the conflict:

  • Lord Ironfist - knight
  • Queen Lamand - sorceress
  • Leader Slair - barbarian
  • Warlock Alamar - warlock

In the game Heroes 1, the player is required to choose a ruler, which immediately determines his side and race. After selection, the player will have eight missions with different difficulty, after which the player will get the title "Lord of the Governor of the Continent" although according to the canon the knights will still win.

An interesting feature of the first part of Heroes of Might and Magic is that the company is essentially one, and the player chooses only the side of the conflict. In the warm-up mission, you need to fight with the dragon for the right to own the city. In the second mission begins a full-fledged war.

By the way, the separate irony of the game is that although the game is called Heroes of Might and Magic, in the future parts of the game we will not choose the hero as in the first. Only race of the city.

Cities are hardly more important than heroes, otherwise how to explain that a week after a player loses the last city, the heroes are sent far and long, and the player loses. Naturally, a player’s city is a player’s fortress, and a fortress must supply soldiers, but soldiers need dwellings, and dwellings need resources, and building more than one building per day will be failed. And do not forget that the game is step-by-step and it’s very convenient to reduce everything to the system day, week, month.

  • Each new day, the player is given resources, new progress points and the opportunity to build a building.
  • The castle supplies recruits every week.
  • Each new month, different creatures randomly multiply on the global map, so that later it turns into an experience.

Experience can also be obtained in various ways. The easiest way is to find and kill someone. After the battle, the player will receive experience in pricing one point - a unit of life. It means, that 5 dragons and 1000 peasants - this is one and the same amount of experience, except that the difference in battle will be very noticeable. And the second way is to visit summer houses of experience and chests of gold on a global map, distributing them to the peasants. Having gained the necessary amount of experience, the hero will take a new level.

In the game Heroes of Might and Magic, in addition to the global map, there is also a battle map. On a field of 5 * 7 hexes, there is a maximum of 5 creatures on each side. On the map there are various obstacles in the form of stones, logs, and during a siege - walls with towers. On this map happen battles between the troops, which are created on the global map.

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