2D games

2D games are isometric and 2D lightweight versions for the personal computer. There are a large number of genres: from strategies to action games. True connoisseurs and connoisseurs of the game industry to this day spend “tube” evenings playing shooters and walkers that they have loved since ancient times.

The key feature of these games is that they use only two dimensions, so the image appears to be flat. And despite the fact that the peak of popularity came at the end of the 1990s due to the limitations of engines and hardware, today such games have gained a second wind. Let's talk about the most popular of them.

Features of 2D PC games

As a rule, 2D games have a top-down, side-view or third-person view, where the game space is a panorama. Their graphics were bitmapped at first, then became 8-bit, 15/16-bit (HighColor), 24-bit (TrueColor) and today 2D games have a 48-bit image - DeepColor.

In the gaming industry, the creation of 2D games is still relevant today, especially for small companies and self-taught individual developers. In this area, pixel art is often used, as it is much easier in terms of creating animations, drawing levels, etc. The design team can focus on fine-tuning the game's characters and story without distraction.

It should be noted that, despite the constant technological development of the gaming direction, some 2D games are still very popular, new universes and settings appear in them. Some of them have changed owners. For example, the Fallout series of games became owned by another company due to the bankruptcy of the original owner.

Even modest companies that are just starting out in the gaming industry can create something worthwhile, especially if their main goal is not solely to make a profit. Of course, their resources are likely to be limited, and their skills are not developed, and the game will probably not be visually perfect. However, for newcomers who are passionate about their business, this is quite forgivable.