Commander Keen games

Commander Keen is a series of side-scrolling platform video games created by id Software. The series features the adventures of an eight-year-old genius named Billy Blaze, who builds a spaceship and sets off on intergalactic adventures while pretending to be a superhero named Commander Keen.

The first Commander Keen game, "Invasion of the Vorticons", was released in 1990 for MS-DOS and consists of three episodes. It was followed by a fourth episode and a fifth episode, collectively known as "Goodbye, Galaxy!", released in 1991.

The Commander Keen games are known for their fast-paced, action-packed gameplay and their whimsical, cartoonish graphics. They are considered classic examples of the platformer genre and are remembered fondly by many players who grew up playing them.

The Commander Keen games were groundbreaking in their use of smooth scrolling graphics and advanced audio capabilities, which were cutting-edge technology at the time. They also feature puzzle-solving elements, in which players must navigate through levels and overcome obstacles to reach the end.

Overall, the Commander Keen series is considered to be an important part of video game history and continues to be remembered and enjoyed by players today.