Knights games

Medieval adventures in our selection of dynamic games about knights await you. You can play as a respected soldier, take part in fights against enemies and protect native territories. Or become a mercenary and sabotage your own country! Sneak into the secret circle, break into the castle and kill your former friends! Our Knights Games offer a wide selection of options to meet any gaming needs. Enjoy the action in a 3D castle, play a turn-based strategy or press the keyboard in simple arcade games!

Fans of ancient wars and medieval times will be delighted with our choice of knight games. Practice your sword skills, take part in knightly fights and master a new territory. For a more relaxing action, try one of our 2D, knight-based adventure strategies. Here, you can pass simple and difficult levels. As a reminder of 8-bit games, they will practice your mental skills and entertain you at the same time! Break into the castle today and get ready for the fight!