Upgrade games

Upgrade games are video games that involve improving the abilities or capabilities of a character, vehicle, or other aspect of the game through the use of upgrades or power-ups. These upgrades can take many forms, such as leveling up a character's skills or abilities, unlocking new abilities or weapons, or improving the performance of a vehicle or other in-game object.

Upgrade games can be found in a variety of genres, including role-playing games (RPGs), strategy games, shooter games, and mobile games. In RPG games, players often earn experience points by completing tasks or defeating enemies, which they can use to unlock new abilities or improve existing ones. In strategy games, players might upgrade units or buildings in order to improve their capabilities or unlock new abilities. Shooter games might involve upgrading weapons or character abilities in order to improve their effectiveness in combat. Mobile games often involve upgrading characters, buildings, or other aspects of the game in order to progress through levels or improve performance.

Upgrade games can be a lot of fun because they allow players to customize their characters or in-game objects and make them more powerful as they progress through the game.